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Holopathy is a modern medical procedure developed in Austria for the professional holistic treatment of acute and chronic diseases, pain conditions and physical dysfunctions.

The Holopathy (greek: holos = whole, pathos = emotion) is based on proven principles of the holistic medicine such as acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and homeopathy. Together with modern computer technology it combines all these approved principles into a new and comprehensive synthesis, resulting in systematic, cause-oriented energetic therapy. In many cases this therapy can help the patient even when previous treatments have failed. The Holopathy is customized for the individual patient and absolutely free of side effects.

As a method of complementary medicine, the Holopathy has been very successful in practice. However, like most procedures of complementary medicine, it has currently not (yet) been accredited by the scientific medicine.

Holopathy treats the whole organism of the patient
The Holopathy is one of the first systems in energy medicine known to systematically and routinely detect and treat not only the organic status, but reactive blockages in the vegetative and nervous systems as well. This treatment activates the body’s self-regulation and provides the energetic prerequisite for the organic healing process. Therefore, Holopathy not only treats symptoms or single organs but the whole organism of the patient. Holopathy is performed by using the QuintStation, a new electronic device for diagnosis and therapy equipped with modern computer technique.

Reactivation of the energy system – an important precondition for a durable healing process of the organs
All biological processes inside the body are governed by the superior energy of the acupuncture meridians and the nerve system. Our contemporary lifestyle – with inner and outer stress, denatured food, electric smog, environmental toxins – can seriously disturb this natural regulation, thus provoking the body to respond with a chronic stress reaction. This permanent stress can eventually lead to malfunctions of the immune system, possibly resulting in a multitude of physical dysfunctions, prostration, allergies or chronic diseases.
In this situation it is not very helpful to treat only a particular symptom. Activating the regulative system and detoxifying the organs and the connective tissue is much more important and therefore the aim of the Holopathy.

Energy medicine = healing with information
The acupuncture meridians and all the body systems supplied by them – nerves, connective tissue, organs – can be positively stimulated by information signals of the proper dosage. Such information signals are e.g. the vibrational spectrum of certain substances, trace elements, medical plants and homeopathic essences.
This is not a new insight. Naturopathic treatments like homeopathy, acupuncture and phytomedicine have successfully applied this principle for centuries. The Holopathy is also based on this principle – however, with a new methodical approach and packed in modern electronics and computer technology. Thus, the therapist is able to detect the exact substance vibrations that are the most effective for the individual patient and the situation of the treatment. The therapy system transmits the information signals determined by the computer on to the body of the patient at the pre-calculated dosage and thereby effectuates an efficient detoxification of the organs and connective tissue and activates the body’s self-regulation system.
The therapy – systematic detoxification and de-stressing will reactivate your self-healing powers.
Each Holopathy session consists of two steps:

  1. For the diagnosis the therapist determines the burdens and blockages of your energy system with the help of the computer.
  2. In the following therapy you will receive the healing information optimized for your individual needs in the form of homeopathic frequency spectrums.

The electromagnetic “finger prints” of thousands of pollutants, stresses and strains are stored in the data base of the QuintStation. During the testing procedure selected test substances of digital homeopathy will be radiated deep into your body via the magnetic heads of the QuintStation. Almost immediately, your body will react to the test in a very characteristic and unique way. Your physical reaction is measured and enables the therapist to evaluate if the tested substance has any impact on your body.

In addition to detecting your particular exposures the test will determine which specific trace elements, homeopathic essences, medical plants and dietary supplements you will need for balancing them.
The testing procedure will be performed on certain acupuncture points of the hand and is completely free of pain. After the testing procedure you will receive the therapy where the determined homoepathic frequencies are radiated in to the tissue that is particularly in need for it.


  • In case of a tonsillitis the magnetic heads will be fixed on the left and right side of the throat to make sure the anti-infection program can be radiated deep into the lymph nodes of the throat.
  • In case of a gastritis one of the magnetic heads will be placed in front of the stomach, the other one on the opposite side on the spine. This way the information signals will be effective deep in the tissue of the stomach and on the spinal cord..
  • When treating an injured hand, it will be placed between the two magnetic heads to ensure that the injury program may flow through the injured cells.

The Holopathy consists of an optimized combination of digitally stored trace elements, homeopathic essences, medical plants and Bach flowers. The computer supports the therapist in interpreting the test results and determines all required frequency spectrums. Then the QuintStation transmits these frequencies onto a pulsating magnetic field which is used to transport the homeopathic information deep into the tissue. By being able to administer energy even to a patients suffering from a chronic disease or major blockages and initiating their healing reaction, Holopathy is very often superior to classic homeopathy or acupuncture which regularly fails to achieve any changes for patients in that physical state.

During the therapy you may sit comfortably between the magnetic heads of the QuintStation and allow the magnetic field with its homeopathic frequency spectrums to take effect on you.

This will balance the blockages of your energy system, initiate the detoxification of your body and activate your self-healing powers.

An energetic system for diagnosis…
The following causes can be detected in the organism and treated with a specific energetic therapy:

  • Pollution burdens + allergies: Are there any heavy metal burdens (e.g. lead, cadmium)? Burdens caused by other environmental toxins (formaldehyde, solvents, pesticides, …)?
  • Are there any food intolerances (milk, pork, wheat, yeast, admixtures)? Hyperacidity? Fungus? Allergies: pollen, pets, dust, mold, …? Electric smog? Are there any contaminations in the sleeping area?
  • Dental herds and dental materials: Are there any herds in the jaw-bone? Is there an intolerance to dental fillings (amalgam) or crowns?
  • Organs: Are there any chronic infections, degenerations or metabolic issues? Autoimmune diseases? Tumor risk? Connective tissue, skeleton, muscles, blood: Are there any concretions of environmental or metabolic toxins? What is the individual reaction to those toxins? Are there any acute or chronic infections? Muscle contractions.
  • Nervous system: What stress reactions are caused by emotional influence or excessive demands? Which detoxification processes are being blocked by that? What are the effects on the body?

All of the diagnosed causes are specifically and individually addressed in the treatment. Important: The Holopathy uses a method of energetic diagnosis which uncovers the reactions of the energetic system of the body to the above factors. The results obtained do not necessarily correspond to clinic diagnoses. They may, however, give valuable hints to such diagnoses – especially in the early stages when a clinical symptomatology is not yet measurable.

The treatment helps the body to cope with the environmental toxins and allergens and to divert them. Moreover, the superordinate causes of the organic dysfunctions – such as chronic stress and malfunctions of the nerve system – are balanced. Both of these factors together are important prerequisites for the activation of the body’s own defense and self-healing powers.

Therapy sessions
A therapy session will take from 20 minutes up to one hour. Depending on the individual state of the patient and the disease additional therapy sessions may be necessary. In most cases a perceptable amelioration in the well-being of the patient can be perceived after 3 to 10 sessions, in some cases may require more sessions may be required.
In many cases, the therapist prescribes trace elements, homeopathic essences, herbal teas or food supplements in addition to the treatment in the practice. These will be individually tested each patient and therefore provide an ideal endorsement to the treatment.

Therapeutic effects with detoxification and regneration of the energy system
Sitting between the magnetic heads of the QuintStation during therapy is comfortable and relaxing. The energy system of the body is optimized, the immune system and the self-healing powers are strengthened. Most patients feel more vital, active and energized after the first therapy session. Their resilience, productivity and resistance to stress in every-day-life increases. Very often pain or disease symptoms are decreased after the first treatment.

As a result of the therapy toxins that were deposited in the tissue will be egested. They get into the blood which may lead to a primary aggravation. Typical signs for that may be headaches, exhaustion or a (temporary) worsening of existing ailments. This is no cause for concern because it indicates that the therapy is working properly.

Additional Treatments
In order to stabilize the energy balance achieved in the treatment with the QuintStation, other adjuvants (often in combination) may be applied. Please ask your therapist for details.

Food supplements, vitamins, amino acids and naturopathic concoctions: With the help of the QuintStation, the therapist is able to test which of these are most effective and specifically prescribe them.

QuintChip: A gold-plated magnetized disc that can continually give energetic information to the body. It may be worn on a necklace or taped onto a certain acupuncture point.
QuintBox: A small electronic device that you can simply put in your pocket. The QuintBox creates an electromagnetic field with your individual therapy information.
QuintBox and QuintChip are programmed for you individually by your therapist. In each session your therapist can adjust the program to your current needs. Both the QuintBox and the QuintChip may be reused as often as required.

Areas of application
Since the Holpathy works with the body’s self-regulation powers, it is especially effective when applied before body tissues (or organs) are destructed terminally. In the latter cases the Holopathic Therapy can no longer heal, but nonetheless alleviate pain and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Holopathy has been successfully applied in the following areas:

  • Chronic or degenerative diseases of all kinds, autoimmune diseases, additional tumor therapy Low immunity, chronic infections
  • Acute and chronic pain and infections Psychosomatic medicine: fatigue, prostration,, sleep disorder, depression, migraine
  • Environmental medicine: allergies, sensitivity to chemicals, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, eczema, neurodermatitis
  • Hormone disruptions, perimenopausal side effects, premenstrual syndrome
  • Afflictions of old age
  • Pediatrics: disturbances of growth, challenging behavior
  • Odontology: testing the compatibility of dental materials, search for herds, herd rehabilitation, drainage of amalgam
  • Symptoms of the spinal column, back pains, arthralgia, muscle contractions, arthrosis
  • Injuries, bone fractures
  • Sports medicine, preparation for competitions

In spite of its effectiveness, the Holopathy is a very gentle procedure. The magnetic fields used in the therapy are very weak compared to the technically generated fields surrounding us. Since there are no known side effects or risks, the Holopathy is a suitable treatment for children as well.

Please note: Like all medical therapies, the Holopathy may not be successful at all times and for every person. Should the treatment not have the desired outcome, a further medical examination and therapy may be necessary.

Author: Dr. med. Christian Steiner, Orionstrasse 6, 9073 Viktring, AUSTRIA

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